Cabinet Fedit-Loriot is a partnership of Industrial Property Attorneys which brings together  engineers and lawyers in order to help you to obtain and defend your industrial property rights in relation to patents, trademarks, designs and domain names in all technical and economic sectors.

The firm has a long history, having been assisting clients since 1940, the year in which it was established by its founder, Mr Guerbilsky. It is also strongly focussed on the future and bolstered its capacity for action by merging with the firm Jolly in 2012.

The firm is almost entirely owned by its managers and employees, which gives independence and security.

Our mission is to provide you with our expertise throughout the whole process of protecting your inventions and creations so as to help you obtain protective rights in France and overseas. We envision this mission as being within a long-term relationship based on a close and direct link with our clients.

In this context, we seek to gain the best possible understanding of the issues specific to you, of your concerns, and of your competitive environment so that we can put in place with you the strategy for managing your industrial property rights that is best suited to your needs. Today, we advise clients ranging from large industrial groups from France and overseas, through SMEs, to start-ups and independent inventors and creators.


Our mission

Our primary missions are:

  • to identify and manage your inventions and creations that are eligible for protection;
  • to value your rights, in particular to assess the value of your portfolio of industrial property rights;
  • to defend your rights in the event of disputes, in collaboration with specialist trial advocates;
  • to process and monitor opposition and appeal proceedings relating to patents and trademarks in accordance with the practices of the EPO and the EUIPO (formerly OHIM), and, in particular, to represent you in oral proceedings;
  • technological monitoring and the monitoring of trademarks, designs and domain names;
  • training and raising awareness among your staff in relation to the procedures associated with industrial property.